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Are you looking for the right surveillance system for your home or business needs? Well you came to the right place. When it comes to modern surveillance systems your choices are many and the process can seem daunting. Because of this we have developed a multi-tiered process that aids us in designing a system that will meet your specific budget and performance needs.

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After an on-site survey we will make recommendations on the appropriate size of the system needed to accommodate the necessary viewing angles as well as the amount of hard drive storage needed to maintain a backup of an appropriate length. We will discuss your specific performance requirements such as the importance of facial recognition, license plate identification, and the need for night vision. We will also discuss the considerable differences between our analog and IP camera solutions. Finding the right mix of technology is what we do best.

What if you want to view multiple address locations at once or you already have an Analog camera system but need to expand? Not a problem, our systems allow you to view multiple locations within the same app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and our Hybrid DVRs can combine analog and IP cameras together on the same system. No matter the size or scope of your project we have the solutions to provide the peace of mind and control you are looking for. When your installation is completed we then spend the time with you going through each operation of your new system. We cover how to use your app to view multiple cameras and multiple locations. We will show you how to view your past footage as well as how to archive specific footage you may want to provide to the authorities. We will go over setting schedules, defining motion zones, and setting you up with e-mail notifications. And when we are all finished we will provide you with written instructions and a web support system that offers visual step by steps and an easy to navigate knowledge base.


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