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Security-Fire-Life Safety

With a home security system from Tech Guide you will breathe easy knowing your family and home is protected. Our high-tech security systems will notify you of intrusion, fire, and environmental hazards such as gas and water leaks.

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Sensors are placed throughout your home to monitor windows, doors, and hallways. You can turn on any television in your home to see who is at the front door and have lights turn on automatically in response to a security event or a fire. Your system is customizable and expandable to meet your specific needs.

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Why use Tech Guide? Well that is a good question, there certainly is no shortage of security system providers and just about every one of them advertises a $99 special. So what’s the difference? Actually the differences are quite a few. For one we have no contracts! We feel our service is so good that there is no need for contracts on our systems. If you are tied to your system provider for 3 or 5 years what’s the incentive to offer top notch service? Also your $99 security special actually costs you much more but it is subsidized over the life of your contract through inflated monitoring fees, hence the need for a 5 year contract. With us you pay a bit more up front, but you own your system top to bottom and we keep the monitoring fees down so you are not paying 2 fold for your system over 10 years. Another significant difference is a $99 special is not a secure home. Typically it is a package that includes a couple of doors, one motion detector, and a keypad/alarm panel combo. We believe each home is unique and there for

requires a personalized security/risk assessment. Our systems are custom designed for each home in order to provide the most secure environment possible. Often homes have many doors, including a crawl space door and a single motion detector is typically not adequate to provide full coverage throughout the home. What if someone breaks in through an upstairs window and there is no glass break or motion detection? What if the burglar cuts your phone line? These questions and many more are addressed with a personal security consultation. See the differences for yourself and call us in to make your home safe and secure.


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