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Infrastructure Wiring

Today’s infrastructure wiring is the backbone of your entire home. It used to be you could just run one coax cable for each TV in the house and one category cable for each phone, but today almost every device in your home has the potential to be connected together, creating one giant network that manages all the functions within your home. Preparing your home for these capabilities takes careful planning and design. Beware of companies who want to give you a base package of wiring and worry about the details later. This approach is ineffective and will cause you plenty of headaches later.

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We sweat the details upfront and early on. We know the only way to deliver the experience you need is to have a proper plan from the beginning. Executing the proper design requires an in depth interview where we discuss you and your family’s lifestyle, as well as provide you with abundant information about your connectivity options. We make sure you will have a speedy and reliable connection to the Internet from every computer, smart phone, and tablet, as well as to other devices like your TV, DVD player, or Steaming Media device. We can provide you with the ability to

distribute your entertainment throughout the house without the need for cable boxes or DVD players at every TV. We can even consolidate control of every device in every room by providing a global control system. This simplifies the operation of each system by standardizing the user interface throughout the house. In a few short years most of your programming will be watched a la carte via your favorite streaming service straight from the Internet, no box required.

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Our Infrastructure wiring systems employ a hybrid hard wired and wireless design allowing for the maximum in flexibility and connectivity, with a minimum amount of interference. We set up your network with the latest in security encryption and can show you how to make sure all your data is properly backed up. We use commercial grade networking equipment to assure reliability and advanced functionality. With so many current and future devices coming on line throughout the home a robust network is a must. Come on in and we will show you the possibilities.


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