Home Theater

Can you remember one of the first times you experienced going to the movies as a kid? For me it was going to see Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back." I was blown away by how immersive the experience was. The imagery was grand with a bright screen and sound all around me. I was hooked from that moment on. Now I get to have that experience anytime I want from the comfort of my own home.

sealy screen straight 650x300

There are many variations of Home Theater or Surround Sound systems, and we have designed and installed them all. Some of our clients are just looking to enhance the sound from their new flat screen TVs. For this we mount a sound bar directly beneath the TV and connect it with a wireless Sub-woofer, providing full range sound. Other clients want to enhance their Den or Living room viewing experience. In this case we provide a Surround Receiver and multi-channel speaker package, providing advanced

picture and sound quality as well as a robust feature set. Still others are looking to recreate that childhood experience in their own homes. This requires much more design and engineering but the final result is a room that will surpass the viewing experience of any commercial Theater. And why just watch movies? Your Home Theater or Surround Sound works equally well with your TV programming, streaming content services, or your favorite game consoles.

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Set our team loose and we will find the right blend of technology that meets your price and performance needs. Our systems are easy to control and can be combined with other home systems, providing a truly integrated experience. Don’t stop the movie to adjust the temperature, just use your remote or phone. Adjust your lights automatically when you push pause on the remote or when you turn off the TV. View all your favorite sources including your Surveillance system with a connection to your Distributed Video system. Another simple connection to your Home Network and now you can view all your pictures or Home Movies. So “Take Control” of your Home today by contacting us for your next home entertainment project. We will untangle your mind and provide you with unmatched support to boot.


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