Home Automation

As you have been reading up on our other system and service offerings, you may have seen a theme developing. This theme combines the control and functionality of each individual sub-system and brings them together under one whole house interface. This is what we refer to as Home Automation. So why call it “Automation” and not “Control” or something else? Well our systems certainly give you control whenever you want it, but the beauty lies with what these systems can do to automate many of daily functions throughout your home. The way we see it, we are not selling products and gizmos, we are designing connected lifestyle scenarios that boost your productivity while reducing worry or concern about your daily routines.

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For instance, this was my typical day before I automated my home. Wake up, begrudgingly, around 5:30-6:00 in total darkness. Motivate myself to get up to turn on lights, get dressed, bump up the heat, open the shades, and take the dog for a walk. Most mornings I would forget to turn off the alarm and it would go off when I opened the door. When I got back from the walk I would adjust more lights, turn the heat down a little, and turn on the TV to the news channel. After my coffee I would turn off the TV and put on the music while I stretched or had a light workout. Now it was time to head out for work. I would walk throughout each room of the house turning off all the lights, turn off the audio system, set the thermostat back, and head out the door. At the

end of my block I realized I did not lock the door and probably forgot to arm the security system. I promise I am not a scatter brain I just usually have a lot on my mind. After turning around it seems that I had locked the door, but I did forgot to arm the security system. Whew, that seems like a lot just to get out of the house in the morning. Well this sort of thing just continues throughout the day and into the evening, each day, and every day. Turn on this, set back that, did I, didn't I? I knew there had to be a better way. I needed to take back my time while knowing my routines were being taken care of.

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Enter in the age of Home Automation. I wanted control of my routines, and I wanted it to be easy and convenient. My budget didn’t allow for me to make the transition all at once so I started breaking it into chunks with a solid game plan for the long haul. First I replaced my remote control for my Audio/Video system. Now my TV could come on automatically in the morning and I just needed one remote to control everything. A couple of months later I replaced all my light switches with dimmers and swapped out the thermostats. Now the lights gently fade up in the morning and the heat comes on before I get out of bed. At the end of the year I added in the security system and a motorized door lock. Now when I go to bed at night I hit one button to lock the door, arm the security system, turn off the Audio/Video, turn off lights throughout the house, and set the temperature back until just before I wake the next morning. The following year I added some motorized blinds, distributed video, and a surveillance system. Now my home is complete. My routines are automated and adjust automatically with the time of day or throughout the year with the seasons. I figured out that I was spending no less than 40 minutes a day fiddling with settings and adjustments. That turns out to be 10 whole days and nights’ worth of routine maintenance each year. If you are anything like me I am sure there is plenty you could accomplish with 10 extra days a year. I love my automation system and I love helping others learn about how to take control of their homes and take back their most precious commodity, time. Come on in and we will help you to plan out an automated system for your own unique “Connected Lifestyle.”


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