Distributed Video

Gone are the days of the giant tube and console TVs. Now we can enjoy a large, bright, and colorful display that is a mere inch or so thick. Also gone are the giant TV cabinets that housed the TV and other components such as cable boxes and DVD players. So what now?

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Now we mount your ultra thin TV anywhere you like. How about above the mantle in the Den or built in to your Kitchen cabinetry? We can place your TV in a motorized cabinet at the foot of the bed or behind the mirror in your Bathroom. Sometimes we install multiple flat screens in your Game Room or Home Gym. Many of our installations contain between 4 and 16 TVs. That is a lot of cable boxes, DVD players, AppleTVs, or other sources to have for each TV in the house. And where are you going to put them all?


The answer is simple, “Distribute your Video.” Distributing your video sources from one centralized location eliminates the need for all those boxes, while reducing your monthly costs and assuring you have access to what you want, when and wherever you are. We start by finding out how many TVs you will ever have on at the same time watching different programs. That determines how many cable boxes or satellite receivers are needed for your system. We then add a couple of DVD players or maybe a Movie Server that gives you access to your entire movie library from any TV in the house. Next we add in an AppleTV and connect your Surveillance System DVR. Now you have access to all your content on any TV throughout your home. We can even show you how to display all your pictures or home movies on each TV in your home. Customizing a solution specifically for you is where we excel. Come on in to our Design Center for a personalized consultation where we will take you through each option to find the right price and performance level for your needs.

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