Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a general idea what I am looking for but I am not sure how to get started?

    Not a problem, you are not alone. Most of our clientele has done some initial research on the Internet or through Friends and Family and they know generally what they are looking for out of a system. Often they are just bogged down with the countless choices available. We can guide you through your choices while being mindful of your price and performance criteria. Contact us anytime to get started.

  • How do I go about figuring a budget for my next project?

    Figuring out a proper budget can be very simple or extremely complicated. Because of this we have developed a multi-stepped process that will give you the information you need to make an educated decision on your family’s specific technology needs. We start by showing you our Pre-Engineered technology packages. These systems are designed to deliver great performance at a reduced price that will fit any budget. If a custom designed system would better suit your needs we have a suggested budget range for each system we offer. These prices have been compiled using data from over 2,000 projects completed in the last 15 years and represent typical costs associated with Integrated System Installations.

  • What do your systems cost?

    Well, the truth is we have provided clients with solutions that range from $200 to $200,000. That is quite a range for sure. The reason is simple, for us it is not about the money, it is about the help we give and the relationships we form. Sometimes a client just needs a new Universal Remote or some help with their computer or iTunes. Other times they are looking for many different systems to be installed into their new home. Yet on other occasions a client is looking for a system that performs at the highest levels and needs an integrator that is knowledgeable and capable of delivering. So, whatever it is that you are looking to do we have a solution that will fit your needs now and for years to come.

  • What kind of support is there for my new system?

    Becoming a client of ours gives you instant access to the best support system in our industry. No one has a more robust environment when it comes to the information that matters. We offer self help tutorials, step by step guides, operational videos, and a searchable knowledge base that will help you find a solution to whatever you are experiencing. We also have online chat and can be reached via e-mail, phone, or text messaging. Technology can have its challenges so make sure you are working with an Integrator that can provide you with the support you deserve.

  • Can I build my Automation system over time?

    This is actually the most common way to build an automation system. Our systems connect with virtually every sub-system in your house so adding components and functionality over time is a great way to conserve the budget while increasing your home’s safety, comfort, and energy consumption in stages. We will give you a solid game plan that can be implemented in stages.

  • I used someone else to install my system and it is not working properly, will you come in and fix it?

    To be honest, this is not our favorite situation to be in but unfortunately it happens all too often. We will most definitely do our best to help you out. We are experts in all things technology and can get you on the right path to having the system you imagined from the beginning. Often other companies fail in the last 10% of the project, which happens to be the most important part. This is where we excel so call us in and we will get you straight.


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