So why pre-engineered and what does that mean exactly? In order for systems of a complex nature to function effectively with a minimum amount of trouble they need to be highly engineered. Each system has a variety of different configurations providing a wide variety of feature sets. Basically, we spend the time necessary to design each system to maximize your “Connected Lifestyle” benefits so you can get the best bang for the buck. This is a very time consuming process requiring input from our Design, Engineering, Management, and Sales teams. In order to reduce these costs on a project to project basis we developed systems that will meet the needs of most of our cliental and packaged them together for homes of various sizes. This gives us the ability to offer high performing systems at a reduced cost making technology approachable and attainable for any household.

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Our approach was to create systems that would perform on a good, better, best level and configure them for homes of 3,500 square feet or less and homes of 5,000 square feet or more. This gives you a wide variety of pre-configured systems that will meet any price and performance requirements. These systems can be purchased and installed a la carte such as the good audio system with the better security system and the best surround sound system. Or you can purchase one of our integrated home automation packages and add to it over time as your needs change and grow. Our process offers you the power and flexibility to pick the right systems for you and your family’s needs. And don’t worry we are always available to answer any questions or to explain the features and functionality of any of our systems. Come on in for a free consultation and we will get you started on the right path.

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For customers who want total control over their system choices and configurations take a look at our Custom Design process.


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