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This project was retrofitted into a 4 story town house located downtown in Columbia. We gutted and cleaned up the existing wiring and added a rack full of gear to control the Audio/Video, Security, Lighting, and HVAC.

Downtown Retrofit

Even existing homes can be modified to take advantage of the "Connected Lifestyle"

Gondi Breakfast 210x158

Gondi Living Room 210x158

Gondi Basement Surround 210x158



This project was a new construction job in Prosperity. Our clients did not want cable boxes or DVD players at each TV, so we distributed 4 Satellite Receivers and 2 DVD Media Servers to every TV in the house from one central location. 

Country Convenience

Our clients have total control of their home from any wall mounted touch panel, on-screen TV interface, handheld remote control, or iPhone/iPad.

Den with Kitchen TP small

Schumpert Study into Bedroom small

Excercise Room 210x158



Technology does not always have to be obvious and in plain sight. Here is a great example of when technology can completely dissapear when your are done with it.

Lakeside Luxury

This Crestron system is controlled from 2 iPads. Features include: A TV hidden behind a painting, 16 rooms of audio with 4 outdoor zones, a Whole house Lighting and Shade control system, as well as a full Security and Surveillance system.

Den TP and TV 210x158

Den TV and HE 210x158

den tv and rack closed 210x158

Perfect for watching movies, TV, or playing games, this Theater Room required tight collaboration between our client, the carpenter, and us. The end result is a beautiful synergy of form, function, and performance.

Man Cave

Your basement can be the perfect place to entertain. Put a bar and seating area adjacent to your Theater room and you will have the perfect space for having friends or family over for movie night or the big game.

berry theater screen and touch panel 210x158

berry theater seats and rack 210x158

berry theater low screen shot 210x158


Here is another example of hidden technology. Our client did not have space for a Dedicated Theater room but still wanted the same viewing experience. Working with the Interior Designer and Carpenter we were able to build housings for the projector and screen that matched the crown molding and furniture. In wall speakers painted to match the wall completed the look.

Multi Functional


A multipurpose space can give you the best bang for the buck. Including Surround Sound in your Den or Living Room creates the perfect space to bring the family together for watching your media, without the cost of a Dedicated Theater Room.

gardner den screen up right 210x158

gardner projector 210x158

gardner den screen down 210x158

After moving into their new home our client realized that their Living Room was almost unbearable in the early morning or late afternoon because of the glaring sun. We were able to retrofit motorized shades that blocked the sun and provided much needed relief.

Shading Retrofit

Need a shading solution in your existing home? Not a problem, In most cases we can retrofit motorized shades, blinds, and draperies. For any other case we have wireless units that will get the job done.

mcintosh before shades 210x158

mcintosh shades down below 210x158

mcintosh shades down above 210x158

Another great location for a Dedicated Theater Room is the space above the Garage. In this case our Client needed a primary space for Family movie watching, and a secondary space for overflow and entertaining with food during sporting events.

Media Room

Space was a premium in this project but our client still wanted a high-level of performance. In order to accommodate we installed back box speaker cabinets between the wall studs during construction. This gave us high performance from a flush mounted speaker.

pia screen straight on 210x158

pia seats and bar 210x158

pia seats screen angle 210x158

For this project our clients were looking to build a home gym with a great performing audio/video system. Music is a great motivator and when it thumbs, it gets you pumped. So along with 8 in-ceiling speakers we included a 12" Sub-woofer giving the room great low-end impact.

Home Gym

One of our primary design focuses for each project is ease of use. In this case we programmed a single remote to operate 3 TVs, multiple cable boxes, the music system, and wireless headphones.

pennington equipment and TV 210x158

pennington equipment 210x158

pennington gym back 210x158

When a local Brewer came to us to design their audio visual systems we were thrilled. I mean who doesn't love a great craft beer? We often provide technology solutions to local businesses, so whether you need Security, Audio/Video, Lighting, or Control we have just what you need.

Local Brewery

In this environment we wanted the technology to blend into the background, so we used flush mounted speakers in all the walls. We rack mounted all the gear in an adjacent control room and programmed one remote to operate the entire system from the bar.

Facility 210x158

Bar Head On 210x158

Front Angle 210x158

For this Theater room our clients required the highest level of performance, function, and form. To achieve this the room was built with exacting precision. Lights, Curtains, and all the Audio Visual gear is controlled through a wireless 8" touch panel.

THX Performance

Experience your movies the way the Director intended with a 2.35:1 screen and projector. Get rid of those annoying black bars at the top and bottom of your movies and enjoy them in full resolution. Check out our latest 4k video solutions.

sealy screen straight 210x158

sealy seats wide shot 210x158

sealy screen close 210x158


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