Boost your Entertainment options by adding music throughout your home or upgrading your TV viewing experience to include a Smart TV, Surround Sound, or Dedicated Theater. Are you still using more than one remote to operate your entertainment system? Still watching TV in just 2 channel stereo? Do you still manually operate the lights when you pause the DVR or DVD movie? Ever thought how nice it would be to have your favorite tunes playing in the background while you tackle chores, cook, entertain, or relax? Do you have music on an i-Pod or computer but no way to easily access it from anywhere in the house? Do you want an integrated solution but don't know who to turn to?

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If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we can help!

  • With a large variety of universal remotes we have what you need to make your system simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Most of the programming you are watching is designed for a multi-channel speaker system. With our surround sound packages you can finally enjoy your TV and Movies immersed in the full audio experience.
  • The level of your lights greatly impacts your viewing experience. With a few simple upgrades we can have your lights controlled with the touch of a button on your remote.
  • Music is a part of life and we all have our favorites. Why not enjoy what you want to listen to when ever and where ever you like? We have the alternative to the music in your head!
  • Think your music is trapped on your computer or iPod? Not with our simple interface. We can give you access and control of your music anywhere in your home.
  • We will take you from concept through completion and provide you with technology you can live with. Take Control of your home with an integrated solution from Tech Guide.

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