Breathe easier knowing your family and home is protected. Our high-tech security-fire-life safety systems will notify you of intrusion, fire, and environmental hazards such as gas and water leaks. In the assessment of every system we ask some core questions. Are you as safe and secure as you could be? Is your crawl space door connected to the system? Can you arm, disarm, or monitor your system from your cell phone? Do your lights come on in response to a security or fire alarm? When you have an alarm event does your keypad show you exactly which zone went into alarm? Do you have a surveillance system that can record the thieves in action and then be viewed remotely from your smart phone or computer?

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  • A Burglar can use your crawl space to possibly disable security zones or borrow through the floor to get into the house.
  • A professional burglar typically cuts your phone line to disable the monitoring system. Our systems feature a cell backup, assuring a quick response from the authorities.
  • Our security systems allow for you to monitor and control your home's system from your iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, or computer. It's easy and we'll show you how.

  • Nothing startles a thief more than when all the lights turn on in response to an alarm. Lights can also respond to your fire system, illuminating a path out of the building.
  • Knowing which device has gone into alarm is an important distinction needed when deciding on how to respond to a security or fire event.
  • Surveillance cameras not only catch the bad guy in the act but they can be a deterrent as well, and ours can be viewed from your smart phone or computer.

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