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What do we mean when we say “Get Connected”? Well actually to us it means a lot of different things. We connect with you to provide solutions to all your technology needs. We connect you to your home, allowing you to monitor and control nearly every system in your home. We connect all these systems together, allowing for a single interface that is easy and intuitive to use. We also connect with your Architect, Builder, and Interior Designer to assure all your wants and needs are met with exacting precision. Here at Tech Guide we do things differently so come and connect with us and we will show you why we are hands down the best choice for all your Technology needs.

Tech Support, Tech Support, Tech Support. No it’s not a typo we just take it that seriously! If you are interested in investing in Technology you will want to make sure that your providing company is top notch when it comes to Tech Support. All this technology is fantastic and allows for us to do some amazing things, but if and when it malfunctions it may leave you wanting to pull your hair out. That is unless you have the support team you need to take care of any problems in a concise and timely manner. You will find that no one does it better when it comes to solving your problems and providing you with the resources you need to control and operate your system. Just check out our Support link where you can easily find the answers to all your questions as well as a library of tutorial videos on the operation of many of our systems.

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What makes us so special? Well for one our knowledge and expertise in technology is nearly all encompassing. Most of the time you will need a company to handle your Audio/Video system and another to handle your Security and maybe Surveillance system. Then you have to find someone else to help with lighting design and lighting control. You need a guy to handle your computer and to make sure your network is setup and running properly. And who is going to show you how to use your smart phone? Oh, and don’t forget the satellite guy for your DirecTV programming. That is a lot of people to try and co-ordinate, and hopefully they can all work together to make your system work as a whole. We are the alternative. One company to design, install, support, and service all of your technology needs. One company assures that everyone is on the same page and it simplifies service for you when the occasional problem arises.

An Integrated Home System connects to virtually every facet of today’s home enabling us to take control of our entertainment, safety, comfort, and energy consumption like never before. In order to connect these systems together and create a seamless experience for you, we have to ask a lot

of questions. This is why we have put great emphasis on our discovery process, assuring your new system meets your price and performance criteria. We have 2 methods of providing you with systems that will meet your needs. Our “Connect” packages are Pre-Engineered system designs that are modeled after our most popular system offerings and will meet the needs of 70% of our cliental. For the other 30% we offer a complete custom design service, giving you the flexibility to account for every detail in the construction of your Custom Integrated Home. These processes are detailed under our Process link. Take a look to decide which one of our processes will work best for you.


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