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An Integrated Home System connects to virtually every facet of today’s home. Enabling home owners to take control of their entertainment, safety, comfort, and energy consumption like never before. Want all your music, movies, and pictures available at any TV in the house? No problem. Want to control your lights, security, and view your surveillance cameras anywhere from your smart phone or tablet? We got you covered. Want one place to call to design, install, support, and service all your technology needs? We are the team to do it!

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We are on the cusp of an automation revolution. Within the next decade fully integrated systems will be standard place in both homes and businesses. The capabilities of these systems enhance our experiences within these spaces and allow us to take control of our environment from something as simple as our smart phones. This is the reason we reach out to fellow design and engineering professionals in the architectural community. You know firsthand the complexities of creating unique solutions for your clients. You create the space in which everything will exist. You design and engineer where everything will go and how it will all function together. In that sense we are the same. We design and engineer how each electronic system will connect together and how the client will control their environment. In order to achieve this harmony of environment and control we need to work closely with the concept leader…The Architect. Our systems require certain control spaces and have specific requirements such as dedicated circuits, backup power supplies, and systems for heat exhaustion. We provide information on the optimum room dimensions for a Dedicated Theater or the size of pockets needed to conceal motorized window treatments. These details and many more are crucial in the proper execution of an integrated system.


Our Professional Partner Program was created as a way to bring together the creators and decision makers on a project. Our systems affect nearly every aspect of a home or business so it is important to us to form a relationship with every trade on a project. Working closely together allows us to refine the clients wants and needs before construction begins. This makes for a smoother process throughout, with less opportunity for the surprises that occur when these systems are decided upon at the last minute. Check out our secure web portal to track the status of our projects together, review job site notes, or to access our tech support, design guides, or knowledge base. Become a P3 member today and let us build the “Connected Lifestyle” together.

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