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One thing is certain technology will continue to evolve and affect our lives in ever changing ways adding new levels of convenience, safety, energy efficiency, and control. Our industry is always in motion so we strive to be one step ahead by continuously educating ourselves regarding the systems that we sell, as well as the new and exciting systems available within the coming years. Our goal is to be your number one resource for all things technology. Whether we are providing you with pre-engineered packages, custom designed solutions, or just some simple advice, we will always be available to help with a practical and knowledgeable approach to technology.

Tech Guide is a full service residential and commercial systems integration firm providing system design, engineering, documentation, installation, and ongoing customer support throughout South Carolina for the last 15 years. We are committed to providing you with a “Connected Lifestyle” that delivers an unparalleled level of control over your environment. Contact our team today and let’s get started!

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Our Team

Highly motivated and highly efficient our team believes you can often achieve more with less. Successfully completing an integrated project takes proper design, planning, follow through, oversight, programming, training, and documentation. Our process gives you total control of your integrated project and allows you to perfectly meet your performance and budget goals.

Jeff Roder

John DoePresident/CEO: Jeff formed Tech Guide in 1998 with the insight that soon everything in the home would be interconnected together and people would need a technology guide to assist them through the maze of choices that were to follow.

Eric Keeler

John DoeProject Manager/Lead Technician: With over 30 years of experience as an Electrician and Network Administrator Eric is a detailed oriented Jack of all trades.

Johnny McConegly

John DoeTechnician: Johnny's background is in management and design. These skills are paramount when installing and completing an integrated system that is on time and within budget.

Melanie Tiebel

John DoeAdministrator: With a background in telecommunications and Managed Service Providers Melanie directs traffic throughout our organization and provides cohesiveness between our various operations.

Drake Glickman

John DoeTechnician: Drake is a quick learner and in a short period of time has become very efficient at installing and troubleshooting many of technologies we represent. With his great attitude and hard work he will soon be taking a leadership role.

Paul McMillan

John DoeTechnician: Paul's experience with system wiring, telecommunications, and access control make him the go to guy for getting things done.




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