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Total Protection - Whole House Surge Protection

on Wednesday, 24 October 2012. Posted in Lighting

Power distribution and the delivery of clean power in a home is something that is too often overlooked but so very important as we rely more and more on electronic devices of all types. As I engineer custom electronic systems for my clients, this is top on the discussion list. I realized I had a problem at my house, when just out of warranty my oven's display started to flicker and drop out. I then experienced problems with my Plasma TV and my desktop computer. Electronics will fail at some point but this seemed ahead of schedule for sure.  Dirty power was wreaking havoc on my electronic devices. I had standard surge protection on my equipment but that only helps prevent damage from a large surge due to lightning. It does little to protect my gear against the thousands of small surges that occur each year and nothing to protect all the appliances in my home. This coupled with the fact my client’s were experiencing the same problems, cause me to search for a solution. What I found was Total Protection Solutions. I now offer my clients a complete solution for protecting their electronics from lightning and surges. Lightning can enter the home in many ways; through AC wiring, telephone wiring, TV wiring, or via outdoor speakers, sprinklers systems, and remote gates. Surges can be generated both externally from the power grid and internally from your HVAC unit, dryer, or vacuum cleaner. With Total Protection Solutions I now give my clients with a plan to keep their electronics running smooth for years to come.

Lutron "Save Energy Beautifully"

on Wednesday, 28 March 2012. Posted in Lighting

One of the fastest growing segments of my business is Lighting Control and the creation of lighting scenes throughout a home. I love being able to come home and have lights turn on automatically when I disarm my alarm system. I am not fumbling around in the dark looking for keys or turning on lights as I move through the house. My outdoor lights come on each night at dusk and adjust automatically with the length of day throughout the year. My inside lights are custom adjusted for ambiance and functionality. When I first arrive I have a basic yet functional "Welcome Home" scene that allows for me to unwind and get ready for whatever I might do next. After some chores it is time for dinner, which includes Kitchen lights adjusted for optimal functionality and pathway lights through the hall to the Dining room. This gives Janet and I pleasantly dimmed, soft lighting while we eat. After we clean up it is time to relax and read or watch some TV. A quick press of the "Evening" scene and the house is perfect and beautifully lit to enjoy the rest of our evening. Around bedtime we don't even worry about turning off the TV, Lights, or setting the Security system. We just go to the bedroom and hit the "Good Night" button by the bedside. Instantly the TV, electronics, and lights turn off. The alarm system is set in the "Stay" mode, and the temperature automatically is set back throughout the night. Waking up in the morning is a breeze when the coffee starts automatically, the temperature is adjusted, and the lights slowly come on over the course of 15 minutes. Lighting and automation has certainly simplified my routines and allowed for me to take back my time, my most precious commodity.


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