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  • "Take Control" of your Home

    Control your home from anywhere. Use your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device to control Lights, Security, Audio/Video, and more!
  • Security-Fire-Life Safety

    Secure and Monitor your home from anywhere. Protect your home and family from theft, fire, and environmental hazards such as gas and water leaks.
  • Lighting Control

    Create the perfect mood and discover the ambiance and safety of lighting control, while saving energy and enhancing your time at home.
  • Control your Window Treatments

    Control your shades, blinds, or curtains from a wall mounted keypad or your smart phone. Have your window treatments programmed according to your daily routine.
  • Home Theater

    Want to create the Ultimate movie watching experience in the comfort of your home? We will show you how.
  • Structured Wiring

    The Backbone of any Integrated Home is the Infrastructure wiring. TV, Phone, Networking, Audio/Video, and Control all rely on having a solid foundation laid throughout the home.
  • Distributed Entertainment

    Distributing your entertainment throughout the house allows you to view or listen to what you want, where you want, when you want. Ask us and we will show you how.

We Design.

Gondi Living Room 220x292

Design is the most important step in assuring that a project is on time and on budget.

The Connected Lifestyle

We Create.

Theater TV and HE Equipment 220x292

Creating unique solutions is what separates us from our competitors.

Pre-Engineered Packages

We Inspire.

we inspire

We inspire our clients to "Take Control" of their homes through technology.

Custom Designs

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"We are Making Connections between the people we meet and the technology we install."

  • Retrofit
  • Upgrade
  • Update

Retrofit Lighting Control.

TypographyIncorporating lighting control will increase your home's energy efficiency while adding comfort, security, and convenience. Most installations can be completed in 1 day with no new holes.

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Upgrade your Entertainment Experience.

TypographyBoost your Home Entertainment options by adding music throughout your home or upgrading your TV viewing experience to include Surround Sound or a Dedicated Home Theater.

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Update your Security System.

TypographyA quality Security and Life safety system will protect your family and belongings, yet all systems are not created equal. Get a free assessment to see if you are as safe and secure as you should be.

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